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Bai Tian (aka bai+ian) is a young sound artist from Chengdu, China an,d this is his first EP, however he has already taken part in many important sound events and installations, including China Power Station exhibition in London.

His music is based on deep ambient drones, noisy clicks and field recordings.

As a whole it gives an impression of being immersed in a big city's mood, however remains full of unexpectedness and surprising, almost accidental details.

"In this EP, says Bai Tian, I did not use the soundscape from the same scene but looked for different sounds, as many as possible. Unifying the irrelevant sounds together through various kinds of combinations, to make them worth listening to by modulation (altering the amplitude or frequency ...a second sound...), and this kind of combination is actully not abrupt. I wanted to make the sound more natural and harmonious."

The effect is a great work of contemporary experimental sound art combining delicate soundscapes and precise use of the sound material.


released December 10, 2006

Bai Tian (aka bai+ian)
Sound artist, flute player and organizer in Chengdu's indie music scene. He is the chief flute player in Symphonic Orchestra of UESTC in Chengdu, at the same time he has taken part in various music performances as bai tian, bai+ian... with a wide range of creative styles such as noise, experimental, avantgarde, cut'n'paste, new classical... He was born in Chengdu in 1985, now studies in University of Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC) in China.




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