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GPS-Trans 5
internet project - live workshop
recorded live at Bunkier Sztuki Gallery in Krakow, 16 January 2005, 19.30 o'clock

GPS-Trans 5 was the next part of the GPS-Art Internet project running since December 2000.

The concert performance of IA group with guest artists and GPS Internet pipelines: Marcin Wierzbicki running GPS system from his car exploring Luxembourg city.

The host Krakow GPS Ensemble includes artists with different backgrounds. They played a public concert accompanying background live audio and video tracks from Luxembourg.

* * *

GPS-Art is a new field of art activity based on the motion in an open space. GPS-Art is the global interactive instrument used for creation and processing of the audio and video material. It intergrates elements of audio-visual installation to be used as a new media transmission. Project is based on a large outdoor scales of cities and open spaces. Project is ready to be realized on land, air, underwater as well as in outer space.

All GPS-Art projects are using GPS-12 device (Global Positioning System), as well as cell phone system. GPS-12 describes its location calibrating position of the 12 satellites hanging above the Northern half of the globe. GPS-12 is used for navigation and measures in a interactive way many topographic parameters, among others: latitude (from 10 m through thousands of kilometers), speed and many others. All measurements are the starting point for many art projects of GPS-Art.

Since 2001 GPS-Art idea is realized by series of GPS-Trans net-cellphone performances.


released September 9, 2005

GPS in Luxembourg:
Marcin Wierzbicki - GPS-system, programming, city scan, video/audio material

GPS in Krakow:
Sacha Pecaric - turntables, electronics
Palsecam - electronics
Marek Choloniewski - electronics, coordination, sound projection
Jan Choloniewski - programming, webcast

Keir Neuringer - alt saxophone, alternative instruments
Gilad Roth - saxophones, flute
Tomasz Choloniewski - percussion
Rafal Mazur - bass
Tomasz Nazarewicz - flute

Artwork: Piotr Bujas




AudioTong Kraków, Poland

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